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A music beat extractor for audio files (mp3, …) made with Godot · By pinkhat


Recent updates

Fixing bugs in the linux64 version
The latest version for linux should not depend on libav and consorts now. These libs have been added statically for better portability. As you can see in git's...
1 file — 0.0.0-beta
Going into public beta!
We now have builds for linux and wind ows, both 32 and 64 bits ! That was an adventure. We hope you'll find this tool as useful as we do :) It's time to go int...
4 files — 0.0.0-beta
Finally, a tool for rhythm games
After a week-long sprint and some serious compilation injuries, the first version of edgentia is up! Access will be restricted during the alpha phase. Thanks Gr...
2 files — 0.0.0-alpha

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